Post apocalyptic bunker manager "Sheltered" - Unicube seeks out Kickstarter and Greenlight backing

Unicube developers (Dean Foster: Lead programmer/game design, Sonny Meek: Artist/programmer/game design, Ben Ridge: Audio/composer) are looking for funding on kickstarter for their ambitious post apocalyptic bomb shelter simulator, Sheltered, where you have to manage the sanctity of your family in an underground bunker against the ravages of a hostile nuclear wasteland overground environment. This promising looking apoca-sim aims to combine resource management with turn-based combat in a pretty pixel style.

How long can you keep your family intact?
While the concept appears to be similar to the fallout series of games, the key differentiator is that the base time point for the holocaust is modern day (or within the last 20 years or so) rather than some time in the future, but also that you are operating as the whole family and not a sole survivor. As such all the decisions you need to make in the game will be to preserve the whole family unit and not one person in isolation.

Difficult decisions which could generate easy food, or added danger to your family

The developers promise a very complex game world which will include failure of key systems, armies of bandits trying to gain access to your bunker, dangerous excursions to the surface for supplies/repair and tough decisions on keeping your family alive and safe to the potential detriment of other well meaning or hostile survivors, with the main constant threats of:
  • Irradiated beasts of the nuclear wasteland. 
  • High radiation levels outside of the shelter. Finite food, water and oxygen. 
  • Claustrophobia, mental exhaustion and trauma when involved in highly stressful situations (eg. combat, death of loved one.)
  • Necessary systems breaking down.
  • Having to leave the shelter to make supply runs. 

Rad-suit - Don't leave home without it! (or Decon after your return!)

The pixel art shown so far looks great and the darkness of the game should provoke some serious thought in the player regarding their actions.

The campaign will be successful upon reaching a target of £15000 (approx US$25000) to allow the developers to work on the game full time, and they are aiming to ship on Windows (XP->8), MacOS and Linux (Ubuntu flavour) 

Go back the Kickstarter here
Vote on Greenlight here

-Alistair Brugsch

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