Star Citizen’s - Arena Commander now available for download!

Remember when we featured Star Citizen way back in 2012? Well it's now of cause it's 2014 and It's incredible to think how far we've come, as Cloud Imperium have just released the first dogfighting module (Arena Commander) for the amazing looking space combat game, Star Citizen. This is only available to people who have put their hard earned money forward but can be downloaded through the launcher or the main download site. Currently at V0.8 which is still in the games very early stages you'll be expected to find the odd bug and glitch but wow does this game look impressive. So far though I think I prefer the details of Elite: Dangerous but of cause that's my personal opinion.

Version 0.9 will be available at some point soon and will improve the game even further!
-Improved client and multiplayer server stability
-General performance optimizations and fixes for hardware specific issues discovered during community testing
-Audio improvements with additional SFX, music, mix, and improvements to the dynamic music system
-Improvements to the HUD to better differentiate the manufacturers, improve ITTS, and add mouse control functionality
-Additional character animations to add immersion to the cockpit and resolve outstanding animation issues
-Further flight model upgrades to better handle unique thruster power combinations and refine the control of each ship
-Additional ship, weapon, item, and thruster tuning to improve the balance of Arena Commander based on community testing
-New multiplayer game mode for public testing along with AI improvements and updates to Vanduul Swarm.
-Hangar bug fixing along with enhanced visuals and animations.
-Cockpit polish with improved damage effects and more dynamic lighting that responds to gameplay events and ship status.
-Some additional weapons and items for use with Arena Commander.
-Update player breathing sound effects and responses to incoming impulses and g-forces

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