Why the Speccy has never lost it's Mojo

Love affairs come and go, some endure and some flourish. The love affair with the zx spectrum has not only endured, it has flourished. Love it or loathe it ( i love it), the speccy is a huge part in computer and gaming history. Sir Clive Sinclair dreamed that everyone would be able to own a computer in their own home, and he gave us that chance. 

Over 30 years have passed and yet here I am writing about a machine with 48k or if you are lucky 128k of memory. The ammount of software being developed is staggering to say the least, on a par with the good old days! One programming team that have more than made their mark are the Mojon Twins, Spain's finest coders.

It is a testament to the speccy that so many countries in Europe love the little blighter as much as we do. The amount of new games from just the Mojon twins is a real breath of fresh air in these days of bland re-hashed next gen offerings ( yes i am a miserable old git!).  Nowhere is the speccy more revered than on W.O.S , world of spectrum ,a fantastic site dedicated to all things Spectrum.  New games are given plenty of exposure here and it really is the most helpful and dedicated band of brothers i have come across on the web.  Another great producer of physical games is cronosoft,  they publish some top titles from the very talented Jonathan Cauldwell.




These dedicated souls really are keeping the dream alive in all it's 4 colour garish, glory. You will not find a more comprehensive homebrew scene on any other format.

Some of the games and techniques being used and produced are nothing short of stunning. Do yourself a huge favour, head over to world of spectrum and get involved in a very vibrant and rewarding homebrew scene.

Emile Wilson

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  1. Other great studios, making new ZX titles: retroworks.es & little-shop-of-pixels ;)


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