Northwards of Roswell - A genetically mutated 3D RTS (Early Development)

I don't often mention games that are this early in development, yet Northwards of Roswell by Juan Gomez has peaked my interest.  When I first read about the game before I actually played it, it reminded me of the game "Genewars" that was first released on the PC by Bullfrog in 1996, which also had genetic mutations and a floating UFO. However when it comes to Northwards of Roswell the game is about aliens on Earth trying to find their way home and has you flying about the landscape beaming up the local wildlife. The developer has also noted that NOR will try to be a mix of XCOM and FTL.

As of yet we really don't know what else the game will contain or how far the development process will go, as some games we've featured in the past have all but vanished into the nether. From the demo that's available on the website, it was a short but enjoyable experience as I beamed up the cows and dumped them wherever I saw fit. As is the way with my strange sense of humour the cows were dumped on buildings and in the river, well at least I did try to dump them in the river if wasn't just as flat bit of graphics. NOR was also very easy to control and I had no difficulty in controlling the UFO or abducting cows.

All in all I recommend you bookmark and keep an eye on this game as if it's anything like FTL and XCOM it could be a gaming hit.



  1. Great article! Feel very proud :D

  2. INDIERETRONEWS12 July 2014 at 17:05

    Cheers Juan! Make sure to keep us in the loop as I'm going to closely follow your development stages :)


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