Mark of War - Ambitious tabletop war game launches a Kickstarter campaign

$500,000 is a pretty lofty goal for a Kickstarter campaign these days but games industry veteran Mike McTyre thinks his team at Warpforged games has what it takes to get it. They're aiming to produce an epic scale tabletop war gaming experience on desktop PC's, Macs and mobile, and with the combined range of talent behind this project, they can probably pull it off, with over 20 years combined industry AAA experience.

They have already made massive inroads into the production of Mark of War over the last 8 months, and have secured the talents of Gav Thorpe, a twenty years long shining light in the world of fantasy and Warhammer, to be the guiding light for the direction and writing of the game and its world. Having spotted an obvious hole in the fantasy/wargame market, the creators are led by their passion for tabletop gaming and an inability to find time and space to get together in real life to play, so they are bringing real life tabletop wargaming to the virtual connected world.

Key promised features:

  • Easy to Play / Hard to Master - Simple controls with an intuitive interface ensure easy accessibility so players can focus on mastering the deep strategies of the game.
  • Fast & Tactical - Battles will be fast and bloody, but also filled with deep strategy and tactics requiring even the most grizzled commanders to think twice.
  • Turn-Based - Plan your moves, control the battlefield, exploit your enemies’ weaknesses and crush your opponents with turn-based gameplay.
  • Tabletop Feel - With models on bases, templates used for area attacks, and loads of dice being rolled, Mark of War will bring the complete tabletop wargaming experience to the PC.
  • Collecting - Battle, adventure, trade, and craft to unlock hundreds of troops, spells, weapons, and armor to add to your personal collection.
  • Build an Army - Build an army of troops, knights, war machines, monsters, and more to destroy your foes. Choose which spells your wizards will use and equip your heroes with powerful magic weapons and armor.
  • Customization - Choose the colors of your army, the patterns of their standards, the music they march to war with, and even the dice you roll.
  • Living World - See your army come to life as it marches upon the battlefield. Hear your units and heroes issue commands, and witness the devastating spells of your wizards.
  • Competitive Play - Focusing on competition and game balance Mark of War will feature competitive play, ranked games, hosted events, and Grand Tournaments with prizes.

A world engulfed by war and broken asunder by its creator. Armies of brave warriors, titanic beasts, arcane spellweavers and devastating war engines clash for dominance of a fantastical land. Success or failure, victory or death lies in the hands of the commander – that commander is you!

We wish Warpforged games the best of luck in this epic adventure. If this is what you've been looking for in gaming, go show your support:   On Kickstarter
Mark of War website

-Alistair Brugsch

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