Fortune's Tavern - The Fantasy Tavern Simulator

Well now isn't this an interesting one? A game where you create and manage a tavern, something I must admit I have never thought I'd see until now. "Build and customise a tavern amidst the backdrop of a fantasy world at war. Interact with guests. Quest for recipes. Build an arena."

So we will be questing like other RPG's but instead of questing for gold, jewels and other such loot, we will be questing for recipe's to be used in the tavern as well as building an arena... I guess that the arena in Oblivion must have been bringing in a lot of money so why can't we have a slice of the action?!

Developers notes about the gameplay:

"Fortune's Tavern is a real-time, fantasy, tavern-simulator where you take on the role of Mathias Gambridge, the latest in a long line of owners of the notorious tavern. It's your job to rebuild and renovate the ailing tavern against the backdrop of a fantasy world at war.
Yet turning a profit in troubled times is never easy, what with bandit raids, hauntings, infestations, prowling hordes of zombies, and tavern guests from opposing factions who want nothing better than to kill each other.
Fortune's Tavern does offer the aspiring tavern owner some advantages however, in the form of copious outbuildings to help boost its appeal; such as shrines, temples, a forge, and a fight pit in which you can host a variety of different fight nights to entertain your guests and earn extra gold.

If you can struggle through the wars and the paranormal and still turn a profit, then an epic adventure awaits as you delve into the depths of the taverns 'endless' basements, with hired heroes to protect you, to discover the dark and terrifying secret of the tavern's founder, Xavier Fortune. Will you succeed, or like your predecessors, will you be driven into madness, poverty, and an early grave?"


The whole thing has a whiff of the sims mixed in with your average RPG, although such a concoction could actually be rather thrilling at times, after spending an hour renovating your tavern you now crave an adventure so you pay a few mercenaries to help as you dive into the RPG elements of fighting. With a craving of adventure, I can see this working out really well. You wont get bored as you will be changing roles constantly.


"Experience the life of a medieval tavern owner as you struggle to make a profit amidst a world filled with fantastic creatures, treasures, bandits, and zombies.
  • Renovate and rebuild a fantasy tavern.
  • Build bedrooms, temples, a forge, cottages, pet cave, and a fighting pit.
  • Hire cooks, blacksmiths, battle managers, adventurers, and priests.
  • Set rents and customise a menu.
  • Listen to your guests’ rumours and fund quests."
"Fortune’s Tavern is played in real-time with 24 minutes equalling a day (although days can be ended by going to sleep). Interesting, fun, and terrifying random-events can happen at any time.
  • Expect infestations of rats... or worse!
  • Settle grudge matches between patrons in your fighting pits.
  • Deal with bandit and zombie raids.
  • Handle visitations from mystical creatures and demi-gods.
  • Find your rooms haunted by restless spirits.
  • Cope with natural disasters."
Now that is something i don't see very often, an in game day that doesn't feel random! 24 minutes in a day is something we can actually get accustomed to pretty quickly. Though I wonder if we will be able to pause the game and build things or will we have to do everything in real time?

"As the tavern improves more and unique guests will come to stay from a variety of races and backgrounds.
  • Every NPC has a unique name and background.
  • Some can be hired to cook, work the forge, manage the fight pits, and act as your tavern’s priest
  • Adventurers can be hired to undertake quests.
  • NPCs can fall in love and marry.
  • Heroes from different alignments can brawl."
Taverns have priests? Well it's a day job I guess, if I turn mine into a brothel will I be able to hire sexy nuns? I kid but there will be those who want to do that, I wonder if the developers have thought of this or think it's too risky? I suppose there are enough RPG hentai games out there to satisfy those who would want this ;)

"Pet system.
  • Hatch eggs to discover new and interesting creatures to raise.
  • Pets respond according to alignment.
  • Over 50 creatures to tame and to accompany you on quests.
  • Breed creatures to make new stronger pets."
And now there's pokemon elements in the game! Am I the only one getting pumped up by this?!
I want this now!

Well i'm sold, I'll be contributing my fair share to the kickstarter and if you would like to as well then I will add a link down below.


Article by David G

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