Callys Caves 2 - Platforming release for iOS devices

Old school platformers takes me back to some fond memories of Rick dangerous, Magic Pockets and Gods to name but a few. But Callys Caves 2 developed by Jordan Pearson has chosen to go for what I would describe as a 12 bit styling. Definitely higher def graphics than 8 bit games were but not quite as good as the 16 bit games that followed. Available for iOS I had a look at the game and gave it my very short play through.

The game begins as you embark on a universe-shattering quest to save your parents from the clutches of Dr. Herbert, with characters to meet and a slight touch of humour involved.

Regarding the game itself in a 16bit-ish style, the controls are simple enough, run left or right, jump, swipe sword or shoot gun, which suits me fine. Speed is quite good too as the character moves just fast enough to keep you on your toes but not enough to have you falling off your seat. According to the developer there are 16 unique weapons against 20 enemy types and 6 diabolical bosses through 104 tricky levels.

Audio tracks and sound effects do the job well giving the cute retro feel.

Alas, this is where my game play through has to stop. I was only able to get to the 2nd level of caves so other than a few dogs etc. I just couldn't get past a spider. So the game had to stop and I was not able to test out all of the 104 levels.

This game is probably spot on for harder gamers than myself and if I were to add just one suggestion, I would not just expand the whole screen to fit the iPad but allow the user to shrink the controls to fit the size of hand. Simply scaling everything up just makes the buttons too big to reach for little thumbs.

Callys Caves 2 is available to download on the Apple Store

Short Playthrough by Drew

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