Hdmyboy - HDMI output for your classic Gameboy

How cool would it be to take your original Gameboy classic and get new hardware upgrades for it? Maybe to give it connectivity to modern HDTVs or an external controller? Sounds pretty cool huh. Well despite the Gameboy being around 25 years old, there's still a plethora of fanatics making hard mods for this vintage piece of technology. Zane Amiralis & Joshua de Haan are two such hackers who have developed a prototype to do exactly that and are now looking for kickstarter backers to turn the prototype into a full production run.

The Hdmyboy is an extra processing board that fits neatly between the two halves of a DMG-01 Gameboy and re-renders the video output into sharp, fat pixeled glory in 1080p or 720p over HDMI, with the goal of this crowdfunded campaign to get enough numbers to make injection moulding the extra case part and circuit board production a cost viable reality for a real professional quality finish.

But why would anyone do this? At €125 isn't that a bit steep to do what a Raspberry Pi emulator could do? Sure, but for many people there just isn't any substitute for playing on original hardware. The clunk of a cartridge into the slot, the feel of the power switch sliding into position with the sound of mario collecting a coin every. single. time. Emulation just feels very shallow in comparison.

If this project interests you, go check out the backer page and maybe send your pledge their way and get this project out of the maker space and into the hands of real enthusiasts!

Kickstarter: hdmyboy: a full hd power up for your game boy classic

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