Beautiful Pixels and Realistic Sounds

Imagine yourselves looking at some beautiful pixelated artwork and being immersed in realistic sounds as if you were there in a fantastic land built of pixels and retro. Now you can with the canvascycle; a true 8-bit Color Cycling with HTML5 Art by Mark Ferrari  & Code by Joseph Huckaby.

The possibilities are endless and I really hope this is used more often in further pixelated art. Just think of something like the art from Defender of the Crown, with screams of men in battles, or the sounds of seagulls and singing pirates from the high seas of Pirates!

So check it out here 

If you fancy listening to some chiptunes with the same art, come and have a listen to the Best of Chiptune


  1. Nice art! For a moment there I thought about Delphine Software's Flashback :)

  2. Good spot! I was also thinking of Westwood's Lands of Lore, with the castle in the distance and rain swept lands

  3. Yeah! there's a Kyrandia I feeling too, but I tend to be biased Westwood, as whenever I see pixelart with greenery and wood, my mind runs to that :D

  4. That's really beautiful! A perfect symbiosis of pixelart and sound design. I'm deeply impressed. Thanks for the tip!

  5. You're welcome :D)


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