Parallel Worlds - Amiten Software's latest Amiga game!

Amiten Software INC has announced the demo release of a multi-directional fighting game for the Amiga. Released as a late Christmas gift, guide Marco the dwarf and her friend Elena the elf through the Kingdom of Cassiopeia in a parallel world to rescue the Wizard Fenix ​​from the clutches of his evil brother. Inspired by classic arcade games such as Ghosts'n'Goblins, Tiger Road or Rygar, Parallel Words is a decent enough Amiga game as you fight different creatures with weapon in hand in what feels like a Lord of the Rings backdrop.

- Amiga 68030/60
- 2 MB Chip Ram
- Chip Set ECS
- Hardrive 10MB
- Amiga OS 3.1 o 3.9
- Winuae User please Activate Inmediate Blitter "ON" and set 030 or 060 Emulation.

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