Panic Planet - High Score crack for a Load Runner style C64 classic

Way back in 1984 Alligata Software released 'Panic Planet'; a C64 platformer with many similarities to load runner with your character digging holes and trapping enemies within. What sets this apart from Load Runner though is the fact that enemies can be pushed through so they fall and splatter on the platform below.  You are also limited by oxygen, the longer you take the worse your high score will be and the risk of death. Today The Hidden Farts have cracked the original C64 version with a high score cheat.

Panic Planet is great fun to play, it's pretty much our C64 game of the month, even if it is just a re-released version with a high score crack. Being able to dig holes on either side and watching enemies fall with a slight push certainly brings back those Load Runner memories. The progressively difficult levels with more and more baddies adds to the challenge and if they touch you, it's a life lost. The quicker you dig those enemies and push them to a fall, the higher your end score will be in reference to your oxygen level, which can run out. So give it a go today and see how far you get in this platforming game of dig and death.


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