Seaworthy: A Pirate Retro Roguelike Inspired By Sid Meier's Pirates: Now Live On KickStarter!

Two-man team Mildly Competent Games have been working on an exciting 8-bit pirate game 'Seaworthy' for upwards of a year that looks fun, amusing, challenging, and full of “yar!”. Help it get Kick-Started!

In the game, the player assumes the role of a cursed sea captain and takes command of his ship and his crew. The player makes moral, tactical and economical decisions as they play through the game that effect how other characters perceive them and how the plot develops, etc.
“Seaworthy recreates the feeling of commanding a ship as seen in films like Master And Commander. Splintered wood, men falling all around, and water flooding in from hull breaches provide tense strategic gameplay. Through the smoke and fear, a captain has to maintain his cool and give the orders that will save the day!”- Mildly Competent Games
The game has interactive, fast paced gameplay, which you can truly see in the epic gameplay trailer (posted further into the article). I was impressed by all the little details of what was happening on the ship while the game was being played, such as fixing holes, firing cannons and healing wounded pirates. The soundtrack heard in the trailer is also impressively pirate-y.

Erik and Luis, creators of Seaworthy and
founders of Mildly Competent Games

Erik Chiavola and Luis Almendarez are two best friends living in San Fransico working closely together to bring their premier title to light and their dream of becoming full-time indie games developers a reality.

They have worked hard on the game to bring it this far, but have launched the KickStarter “to do justice to [their] vision”. They have stated that the game will be completed, regardless of funding, but they hope that crowd funding will make the game bigger and better than were they to complete it on their current budget.
"We are adamantly against putting meaningful gameplay content behind paywalls" - Mildly Competent Games talk DLC
I particularly like some of what they have said on their website and on the KickStarter page about their policies with making games. As an example, when discussing DLC, they said "we are adamantly against putting meaningful gameplay content behind paywalls", which I think is admirable.

The KickStarter game trailer.

The KickStarter has some nice Rewards for Backers including a copy of the game, their name in the credits (for only $10), early access, a crew member with your name in the game, and even contributions to the final game that everyone who plays can experience.

The game has already garnished much interest on the crowd-funding website, with two people already contributing $2,500 for the opportunity to create a faction in the game (plus all the previous perks).

It has also been successfully Greenlit so that when it is finalised, it can be purchased on Steam. I hope there will be Achievements and Trading Cards!

This trailer explains more details about the game
and what makes it so fun and unique.

You can find out more about the game on the official website and you can follow their progress on Twitter, FaceBook, GooglePlus and IndieDB.

Article credit: Illisia Adams.

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