Two brand new C64 releases for the C64 SEUCK 2015 Competition

Just last week we had more than four games released for the C64 SEUCK 2015 Competition, each one based on different themes but all shooter genres. Since the announcement of the change in dates for the competition we've now had two more enjoyable C64 games released, a top down shooter called Shamai - Return of the Myths by Slavia and a single screen shooter, T-Ufo by Errazking.

Developed by two members of a group called Slavia, in Shamai you play as a lone guy who must stop the evil monsters, summoned by evil spirits that have taken over the wards of a hospital. A top down shooter, that has multiple enemy types, collectable objects and big fat bosses! What I like about this game are the smooth controls, great game play and the enemies keeping you busy so you are never bored. I especially like the designs of the end bosses that when shot break up in sections.

Download D64
Download Tap

The final release for today and one I've very much enjoyed playing is T-Ufo by Errazking.

Unlike the top down shooter of Shamai, in T-UFO you play as a steam engine controlled tank that must defend the earth from a horde of alien invaders. Playing through five different landscapes such as a desert landscape and a grassland based one, enemies must be shot down for a high score before they destroy your tank. When all the enemies are destroyed the level moves on to the next. A very good game indeed for a SEUCK release as many of the enemies have different shooting styles with different tones in the game and you can even see little extras like dogs walking through the landscape.

Download D64
Download Tap 1 All Data
Download Tape Tap

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