Fantastic Dizzy - Browser based Sega Megadrive release for the classic Dizzy!

As if the recent announcement of all the ZX Spectrum Dizzy games playable in your browser wasn't enough, Andrew Joseph of has just given us the big eggy headsup that the original classic Fantastic Dizzy, which appeared on the Amiga, Game Gear, NES and Sega Mega Drive is now available to play for free in your browser!

Once more Dizzy is back for another brilliant adventure, and as always it's that evil Wizard Zak's up to his tricks, casting a spell on the Yolkfolk and kidnapping Dizzy's girlfriend Daisy! Containing all of the original Dizzy characters and many other characters such as Good Wizard Theodore, and Blackheart, this is probably one of the best Dizzy games you'll ever.

It will keep you busy with all that retro charm we've come to love from The Oliver Twins, challenging gameplay such as solving puzzles, and with this version enhanced browser options such as save state, load state, full screen mode and full gamepad support,

Fantastic Dizzy
ZX Spectrum Dizzy's

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