BOMBER - C64 release coming to the Atari 8bit with enhanced graphics!

In 1992 Active Developments released a C64 game called 'Bomber' on a Commodore Format demo tape, in which you are tasked with the catching of bombs thrown by the "Mad Bomber" through 48 levels of increasing difficulty and intense speed. Well that same game inspired the developers José Pereira, Xuel, Poison and Powersoft/Pro to make an Atari 8bit port, but mainly based on the older Kaboom release which was originally developed by Activision but this time with much nicer graphics.

According to the team, the entire game has been codded from scratch (C64 used Multicolour Bitmap Mode where on A8 is various ANTIC4 charsets across the screen, PMGs code,...), including buildings and sky lines to fit in the A8's capabilities. They have also re-designed the bombs and the Mad Bomber such as the behaviour of the bombs to make it easier for the player. Further developments include their own Atari Music, sounds, save and loading to a pre-formatted disc, with new screens and different skylines in the pipeline.

Certainly looking like a ton of fun, but as the game is in active development we are unsure of a release date, but what we can say is, we are hopeful the game will appear during the ABBUC 2015 Software Contest!

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