New A1200 Computer Housing Project reaches 10% of its Kickstarter goal in 24hrs!

As today is the Amiga's 30th annivesary, we also have some fantastic news for Philippe Lang's latest Kickstarter 'New A1200 Computer Housing Project', as it has reached 10% of it's Kickstarter goal in just 24hrs. A Kickstarter campaign that we have been closely supporting forcing other sites to join in on the fun, has reached an amount so far of €16,540 pledged of a €125,000 goal with still 28 days to go. But that's not all this Kickstarter update has to offer as the creator has mentioned not just shiny new cases but new enhancements as well!

According to Philippe Lang who contacted us recently, he has mentioned that although he can't show you right now how perfect a finish the limited cases are going to look, he has assured us that these cases are going to be really really shiny, with a metallic finish from Bronze, Silver and Gold. With each housing having a metal plate, with your serial number embossed. (Those of you who don't want the limited edition can have the Amiga housing in lots of other colours too such as Transparent, Purple, or Black!)

Simply beautiful even if they are just photo edited images, but if my Amiga looked like that I'd seriously consider putting it behind a locked vault with armed security! But wait there's more, yes much more. After much discussion about new ideas to further give the Kickstarter a good old retro kick up the rear. Kipper2K has decided to create a new adapter that supports the Lotharek HXC Floppy Emulator REV C ( as well as his own Kipper 2k floppy emulator he's working on. This new Kipper2K - Adapter is going to have soldered buttons, so all you'll have to do is mount it behind the 3 holes Philippe has created in his new A1200 housings!

Also as a further update, Philippe Lang is going to widen the RF-Modulator port on the rear of the house, and give it the shape hole of VGA output. So those of you who removed their RF-Modulator will be able to place their VGA output without the need to drill/cut into their new A1200 Housing.

It all sounds Amiga fantastic and after the feedback from some who thought the first pledge was a bit too expensive, he has created a new lower end pledge to give you the chance to support this project and get a lovely nice postcard as thanks for the support. So if you can't afford a new housing, you can at least afford to say THANKS PHILIPPE!

So head on over to the Kickstarter page and make this top notch Kickstarter a success ( Further updates will be added to this article later today )

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