New A1200 Computer Housing Project needs a big Kickstarter push!

Right from the word go, we've been featuring Philippe Lang's Kickstarter for the 'New A1200 Computer Housing Project', but it looks as if it's going to be one big push if it's to reach a success. With only 16 days to go, the goal is still at a far reach only raising €43,633 of a €125,000 goal. So how can we give this Amiga A1200 case revamp a kick up the rear? Simple! By mentioning the latest updates that have been added by requests or idea's since we last mentioned the project.

One of the main issues with the Kickstarter which many complained about was the price of the early backing, sure it wasn't as low as the C64 case, but you have to factor in these were not original molds but new ones that had to be made, with most of the designs made in Solidworks. So sure enough, the project lead made a new 20 euro pledge, which gave backers the option of having original Amiga 1200 additions. Additions such as an Expansion Trapdoor, Rear Trapdoor, Video Out Adapters, Case Badge and screw set.

The next update was a complete change of the colour scheme, an addition if you will. This 199 euro pledge however isn't just your standard paint job, but a glowing edition. As the creator calls it, ' Limited Ghost Edition', a glow in the dark Amiga paint job that will really impress the Amiga ladies!

Don't fancy a glowing ghostly case, how about the PETRO T.Tyschtschenko EXCLUSIVE EDITION, with only 100 pieces available. Featuring an embossed metal frame with serial number and a signed book by the legend himself Petro! Here's a hint for anyone who hasn't heard of PETRO, look up Amiga and or Spider.

And here is my personal favourite, one I wish I had the money for... The Red Sector 30th Years SPECIAL EDITION. Celebrating 30 years of the Amiga in incredible bright demonic red. With a limited edition badge, memberlist poster, MIRC VIP Group Member Badge, a never released intro, limited keyfobb and more. If you want to wow the Amiga crowd, this is certainly a pledge I'd recommend!

A most interesting Kickstarter indeed, but as it stands this crowd funding campaign needs your help. With only 16 days to go and a low funding raised, it's looking at this moment they may only just scrape a success if at all. Which is a huge shame, because for many years people have been crying out for new cases and keycaps, but yet when push comes to shuv people either can't afford it, or don't want to pay unless it's dirt cheap.

So come on, lets give this project a huge push, I want a new case.

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