Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (AGI) - Adventure remake is in the works!

Some time back we mentioned Arjon Van Dam's rather eye opening fan based adventure of Futurama, well now we've just heard from the developer himself about another game that's being worked on as a second project, 'Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (AGI)' - Point 'n Click Remake. That's right gamers, the first part 1987 adventure is being completely re-written/recoded with those classic graphics and animations using the AGS Engine but with full mouse support!

With just over 4 months of development time, we've also been told that it's going to be close to a 1:1 remake, with age quiz included! But what has completely changed is that this version doesn't contain death ends or deaths/jail endings that causes you to replay a big part (or even restart) in case you didn't saved in time. No, in this game you can and will die, but after being reassembled in the sierra lab, you will *always* return back to the spot where you died, still having all your inventory items and money. Same for when you go to jail. No death-end. For some that's a pretty decent offering, for others, the purists, it's a sin!

Also as an extra bonus, the game has some cameo's, like for example the guy who brings you back after you died or went to jail, plus other tiny references to other sierra quests which can be found throughout the game. Thus so far it's all looking so bloody spiffy! Even if the Futurama Adventure has been frozen for the time being.

There is a negative with all this though and that comes down to copyright issues, especially with the original owners of the Larry rights and the Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded game. But what he has told us, with 2 official remakes (the VGA remake in 1991 and the Reloaded remake in 2013), plus Al Lowe knowing about his upcoming remake and finding it funny, the remake developer isn't too concerned, just yet.

But on a positive note, unlike Futurama, this remake is about 80% complete, and from everything we've seen so far coming from Arjon, he has grabbed my full attention enough to be just a little bit too excited. Oh and to finish this article off, we are the first site to feature this game as an exclusive heads up by the developer himself, how cool is that?

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