Great Giana Sisters - Enhanced for the Atari STE with extra features!

Another classic game which has been given a retro kick up the rear but this time for the Atari STE is the very well known Great Giana Sisters from 1987. Many of you already know of this game by now especially Amiga and C64 owners but this game has huge similarities to Super Mario and as such way back in the 80's also had an alleged lawsuit case against them from Nintendo (wiki). So don't be too surprised to come across an original selling for £100's on Ebay. But the news at this early hour, is this game has been enhanced for the Atari STE even further with smooth scrolling with added audio track play back.

Now hopefully I've got this right as some of the information is a bit vague, so please correct me in the comments below if I'm wrong. But from what I can tell, originally it was enhanced by Zamuel with smooth scrolling, and then MrPetari aided it with audio track playback during game play from mass storage (2013-2015). It was also fixed to work with 1MB RAM, high scores and works on an STE, Mega ST(E) and Falcon. Furthermore which was far more recent, other versions have been made available such as a special updated version with fine scroll for ST and Falcon machines with blitter.

Now hopefully that all makes sense to you as I never played the Atari STE version but from what I can see with the old video above it looks very smooth. So without furtherado here are the links below to be able to download each version and play in my opinion a gaming great!

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Source

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