StarBlitz - Defender inspired homebrew for the Atari 2600

In the early 1980's an Arcade game released by Williams Electronics was to become one of the most important titles of the golden age of video arcade games selling over 55,000 units. That game was Defender; a side scrolling shooter featuring 2D graphics as you defend astronauts against wave after wave of alien enemies. In fact it was so popular that we have seen many Defender style of games and even clones released throughout the years and it's why we are also mentioning Mr SQL's ' StarBlitz ', that is in development and available for download.

The developer stated that StarBlitz is a high resolution smooth scrolling Defender style game where you protect the colorful cities of Mars from comets and meteors, with each Martian CityScape being different from the next. As you fly from side to side and wiz about the landscape, you must destroy these rocks of disaster before they smash your city or at worst smash into your ship! Be aware if you suffer from fits or even migraines it may be best to avoid the game as from my short play through using Stella, the cities flicker and can end up being abit to sharp to the eye. But hey, if you can deal with that, it might be worth putting in a bit more effort and giving the developer your feedback!

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