An Earok Helicopter triple special and it's for the Amiga CD32!

Oh what a Tuesday this is going to be for Amiga CD32 owners, as Earok and team haven't just released one Amiga CD32 pack but they've gone crazy and released three! Yes indeed three packed up CD32 titles which include Apocalypse, Zeewolf Collection and Strike Collection which also has Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Urban Strike Game Gear and Seek and Destroy. That's three incredible packs with inclusive sequels and unofficials that will last you into this week and possibly beyond.

The first game is none other than Apocalypse from 1994 released by Virgin Interactive. A side scrolling shooter, you must fly across Jungle surroundings letting rip with cannons, killing enemy troops, blowing up installations and taking out enemy heli's with missiles! What a cool game with lovely detail that has been made far more gameplay friendly for the Amiga CD32 as thanks to the magic of JOTD's CD32Load, the game is now fully CD32 pad compliant. - Slave by Codetapper. Cover and ISO by Earok (Steve's Template), Blue Thunder image is by JCH..

The second release according to Earok, is a duo of fantastic Amiga-Exclusive 3D Games ' The ZEEWOLF CD32 Collection '. These games were single player shoot em ups, released in 1994 onwards by Binary Asylum and again required the skills of the player to fly a helicopter locating targets, destroying enemy units, transporting friendly vehicles and rescuing hostages but in a 3D design.

A popular request for some time which has only recently become practical thanks again to CD32Load. They've taken the advantage of John Girvin's slaves, offering the ability to skip right to eight different missions in the first game, and all thirty two in the second. In addition to full CD32 Pad support, you can also activate a Virtual Keyboard to access all other missions and cheats that are only available from the password screen (such as 'FRAMPAGE' to access the Kestrel Jet). A fantastic release indeed made possible by John Girvin, cover by Steve and ISO Master by Earok!

And now we move on to our personal favourite with two games that I spent many hours playing and still own and I also think many will be excited over, is the ' Amiga CD32 Strike Collection ', which includes lots of gaming action such as
  • Desert Strike(Using CD32Load and Abaddon's slave, the game is fully gamepad compliant - password screen included - and (unlike on the 160 game collection) loads without OS flashes). 
  • Jungle Strike(This is the plain-old CD32 version, but with the option of two intros - the PC CDROM DOS version and alternative "comedy" intro).
  • and finally Urban Strike and Seek and Destroy.  
Now I'm sure many of you have heard of Desert Strike and Jungle Strike which were fantastic shoot em ups released by EA for the Sega Genesis, Amiga, DOS, Mac OS, Master System, Lynx, Sega Game Gear, Game Boy, Super NES, Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable. But have you ever heard of the above games Urban Strike and Seek and Destroy? 

Well Urban Strike appeared on the Game Gear and this release is an emulated Game Gear version, while Seek and Destroy Earok says is a fun little top down shoot-em-up, featuring extensive voice acting, smooth rotating graphics and a two player mode where the second player controls the Apache's weapon systems. So yes plenty of action to be had in all these releases, with more Heli weaponry at your disposal that you could ever dream of using the power of an Amiga CD32! - Cover and select screen by Steve. ISO Master and CDXL conversions by Earok.

And that is that *phew*, thankfully as is always the case with these games, they are freely downloadable and work really well. Many would be at a loss without these and gives new life into the Amiga CD32!

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