AGONY - Amiga classic by Psygnosis gets an unofficial Remake made in UE4

In 1992, Psygnosis with development by Art & Magic, released the gorgeous owl flying shoot em up of AGONY, for the Amiga system. It was a very impressive game for its time using features such as scales of colors done with raster lines, halfbrite graphics mode for the between-level pictures, three layers of parallax scrolling using dual-playfield mode, in-game palette swapping, and continuous flashing of the background palette to simulate additional colors (Wiki). It was such a good game that a creator by the name of Ozan Temelli has done an unofficial UE4 remake for the PC!

Currently this remake is not the finished product and is just a prototype demo, however the creator has said the early demo does have 3 soundtracks such as; Agony - Title Music (Amiga Remix) by misterghostie123, Agony -"Loading Sea" (TITAN Trip Hop Mix) by AmigaMuseum and Epic Score by Furious Retribution!

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