Deja Vu & Uninvited +1DW [easyflash] - Nostalgia's latest release contains C64 HORROR!

Nostalgia are on form to end the week as they've just released two classic C64 adventure games as an easyflash, with one of them being very much in the horror category; 'Deju Vu and Uninvited'. Originally developed by ICOM Simulations and published by Mindscape in the late 80's using the MacVenture engine, these two adventure games were first ported over from the MAC and featured a point and click first person interface, with item collection and a number of logical puzzles that must be solved to continue.

As I have never played Deja Vu, for now we will focus on Uninvited, and let me just say if you've never played this game on the C64, MAC or any other, you are in for a serious treat, especially if you love adventure games and horror. Right from the start, things don't start to well for you the player, as you crash your car into a tree outside of a rather spooky mansion, and must find your brother who seems to have run off for help. So throughout the game, you can visit parts of the mansion, solve puzzles and use items to progress further, but beware, there are things in this game that would probably scare the smallest child!

And not just scare either, you can actually DIE and from some of the most unexpected of things. Think that character in the game is there to help you? Try talking to it and see what happens. Oh dear, it's death it self. And that is basically the game in a nutshell, an adventure horror story all rolled up into one. So now thanks to Nostalgia, not only can you play this and Deja Vu on your C64 just as the original release, but it comes with improved mouse support, a trainer, bugfixes, docs, a walkthrough and a map! - How brilliant is that?

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