AllGen Gaming - Video gaming centre in Rochester was a launch success!

After all these months of shouting about the latest gaming centre to be launching in Rochester,UK for all things retro and modern gaming, last weekend it actually happened. On Sunday 28th August ' AllGen Gaming' had its first launch day with all the gaming systems you could hope to play on under one roof. But that is not all as Indie Retro News was there to support them all the way through to show off just how keen we were to be a part of this incredible experience. ( Lots of Photos to follow )

But before the crowds appeared, Indie Retro News had an exclusive look at many of the gaming systems on show that YOU the general public will be playing on throughout this year and many more years to come. From an Atari 2600 JNR, to a Sega Mega CD or an Amiga 600 with overdrive to a Playstation 4, it was all making me just a little bit too giggly, it would certainly give Replay Margate a run for its money. So let us show you below, a taste of AllGen Gaming awesomeness.

Sega Mega CD + 32X

Atari 2600 JNR

Amiga 1200, all loaded up and ready for CF fun!

Amstrad GX4000

This is was my pride and joy an Amstrad CPC 464 with green screen and game 'harrier attack', there was no point having two, so I'd rather AllGen Gaming have it and for others to experience it too! Probably more people will be playing on this beauty than most Amstrads will see in a life time.

Commodore 64 (C64)

Amiga CD32 with SuperFrog as today's game of choice.

PS4's huddled together

ZX Spectrum 48K with Dizzy III ( Yes I got this one going ;) )


Atari Jaguar

Sega Master System + Alex Kidd

Sony Playstation + Simpsons Wrestling

Commodore VIC20

Videopac Computer

And that was just a small sample of what was on offer, although going by the fact many of these computers and consoles were retro, we did run in to a few teething problems. Not turning on, RF tuning issues, the usual enjoyment of retro gaming. Thankfully this was all sorted and with the amount of TV's on offer by AllGen Gaming, a good auto tune was good enough! ( Try tuning in an Atari 2600 not fun ! ). Suddenly I had a tap on the shoulder, AllGen Gaming was opening to the public and the crowds were waiting......

As I walked outside to greet the drooling crowds, I was surprised to come across Mario, who probably felt it was a good idea to put aside saving the princess for just this one incredible launch. And what a launch it was about to be, as within moments the AllGen Gaming family were out, telling their side of the story and ready to cut the ribbon, welcome to AllGen Gaming everyone!

Everyone was in high spirits, people were smiling before they even got into the centre. Yet inside it was laughter and determined faces with some of the best well known games giving most of us adults a challenge, let alone the children. Just look at the kid below, he's certainly a gun slinger from the wild wild west

Every computer or console was being played on, some more than once and if there was ever an issue, AllGen Gaming was on hand to help out. With the age of these controllers and systems sometimes just one more bang of the button is enough to send it for repair. Thankfully there's always a spare somewhere under the table.

It doesn't matter how old us adults get, there's always that child in us not willing to grow up, just to enjoy a better time in our lives, and when it comes to playing Dizzy on the ZX Spectrum 48K, that's perfectly acceptable to me. Hats off to you Darren, keep the Sinclair ZX Spectrum alive 'n kicking!

And that is the end of the gaming launch, what an incredible time I had and even though it is now open every day for a small fee, I was so happy to be a part of it, and all the work AllGen Gaming put into it. Thank you and good luck, may your years be full of retrotastic wonder.

Monday-Friday 1600-2300
Weekends / Bank Holidays and during School holidays 12-2300.
(1st week 14-2300)


Over 12 years.
£10. Daily rate
£5. 1 hour session

Under 12 years
£7 Daily rate
£4 1 hour session

Family ticket £30. (2 adults and 2 under 12s)

Under 12 years need to be accompanied by an adult.

Wrist bands to be worn at all times.
Cut or torn bands will not be permitted for re-entry.

Links : 1) Facebook 2) Website

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