Jungle Drums +6HD - Hard platformer trained by Alpha Flight and Hokuto Force

Here we go again, it's another challenging C64 platformer that will make you lose your hair; ' Jungle Drums +6HD ' cracked and trainered by Alpha Flight and Hokuto Force. Released originally by Anirog Software and programmed by Stephen Hamilton in 1984, your task is to complete each level by gathering as much fruit as possible in a Jungle filled with lots of nasty creatures. It wont be easy however as this game requires quick reactions and lots of concentration as you try to avoid being hit while an ever depleting food supply needs to replenished.

I've had the chance to play this game for a short period and let me tell you, it's not half bad. It doesn't have anything eye opening with graphics or any impressive music, but it's the type of game you'll keep coming back to even if the difficulty is at an all time high. The game is relentless with the enemies, sometimes there's not just one that needs to be dealt with but many, and they all act differently. The bouncing boulders for example bounce all over the place and need to be avoided or shot at,

Another thing to note as was said in the first paragraph is the fruit. The longer you take to deal with these bad creatures the more your food supply will drop. The higher the fruit collected at the end, the higher the score and the more chance of a completed level. A fun game indeed, it's just very difficult. But now thanks to Alpha Flight and Hokuto Force, you can play with updated cheats :D

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