Waiting for the light - Interactive Adventure game for the ZX Spectrum

All those years ago when I was but a teenager at school, I loved bringing in those Ian Livingstone books with the dark fantasy covers, usually showing off some evil menacing beast. What made the books so unique to me, wasn't because it was a scripted story but everything about it was interactive. The choices you made, sometimes by the roll of a dice, followed the story on another page usually resulting in complete bliss or the death of your entire party. And it's that style of genre that is in Jari Komppa's new ZX Spectrum Adventure game ' Waiting for the light '.

If you're expecting high quality ZX Spectrum graphics, a top quality tune and lots of action, then look away now. If however you want lots and lots of text, a deep story that YOU control via your own choices, bad choices that can end up in death, and a huge fan of the Ian Livingstone books then Waiting for the light is the game for you. As for me, it's just the type of game that would appeal to me, but I would like lush landscapes and backgrounds to go with each area.

Links : 1) Source 2) Online Play 3) Download

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