The Bear Essentials - Family friendly C64 platformer is now available for FREE!

We've already mentioned this game before pre-release but today as a Christmas Eve special, Graham Axten with publishing by Pond Software 2016, has released The Bear Essentials for the C64. If you have a young family or just want something charmingly cute to play, then check out this game and play as a lovable bear. Your task is to help the big bear collect all the fruit before winter begins. It features 60 enemy types in over 60 screens spread across 6 unique areas, with both music and sound effects playing at the same time!

Usually games of this calibre are only available either as a limited edition or fully boxed for a small fee, thankfully Pond Software has gone the extra mile with this one as not only can you buy a physical disk next year for £10 sending an email to ( subject BEAR ), but you can download it completely free now! - What a great Christmas present :)

Links : 1) Facebook 2) Source 3) CSDb 4) Download 5) Crack/Trainer by Genesis Project

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