A1200.Net compatible Keycaps for Amiga computers is a Kickstarter success!

It's with great pleasure and excitement to announce A1200.net's Kickstarter campaign for the Amiga keycaps is now a Kickstarter success! What that means is after the very successful crowd funding campaign for the latest Amiga cases also by A1200.net, which gave you a choice of wicked case colours such the special perks by Scoopex and Skidrow, you'll now be able to make the case complete with a brand new set of coloured keycaps! So basically no longer will you have to put up with a yellow Amiga, nor will you have to hard mod your case to fit accessories or worry about a dodgy respray job.

In truth I have been hoping this was a success because it was all very well having a brand new Amiga case in my hands in a choice of colours and ready for accessories such as a HxC, but what's the point of a new case if your keys are damaged, mucky, or going badly yellow without a good retrobright. So now thanks to this campaign and yes your huge support, I can finally have an Amiga that looks like it came straight out of the factory.

Check out this Ghost Edition with glowing effect, WOW!

What a great day indeed, so head on over to the Kickstarter page and give them that little bit extra so it stays a success. Oh and when your case and keys are complete, make sure to post them in the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, it's going to be AWESOME!

Links 1) Facebook 2) Amiga case Kickstarter 3) Amiga keycap Kickstarter

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