X-bEnCh 1.00 - One of the best Amiga launchers gets a pre-Christmas release

If you have an Amiga with an internal CF drive or any other way of playing whdload games such as through Emulation like WinUAE, then this may be the software that your Amiga thanks you for. Although there are other OS utilities to play Amiga games such as AG-launch and Igame, they don't have the sparkle and flare that X-Bench does, which is not just an Amiga game launcher but it has many other cool features as well that make this an incredible pre-Christmas release.

This front-end launcher can autoscan your hard drive to find all the whdload games available and organise them in an easily usable list. X-Bench can also manage manual listings, internal script systems and has an integrated CLI. The best thing is though, that this launcher uses very little resources and is compatible with many Amiga set ups! - Just check out the major features below that have been included or improved upon which includes games screenshots implementation.

Full release note :

X-bEnCh 1.00 X-mas pre release (24/12/16)

This release include all the content of the internals release 0.99r8 r9
& r10 and some new things. Merry Xmas to ya all !

X-bEnCh.guide updated (not finished).

Xinit 3.8
-Added the Display Mode switch support.
-DisplayMode fix.
-Fixed the 501 countdown freez bug. (In some rare case the countdown
of the regscreen was not working and stay freezed at 501).

Xmenu 3.4
-Added the Display Mode switch support.
-Display is no more forced to 60Hz until you've chosen this option.
(This was the case in some internals previous release).
-DisplayMode fix.
-Code optimisation (near 10% lighter). Need less memory.

Xlaunch 4.2
-Games screenshots implementation (100 availables in this release,
more to come asap!).
-DisplayMode fix.
-Version number fixed in debug mode.
-Loading an audio playlist recorded at the root of a drive (not in a
subdir) was failing (No sound). Fixed.
-Position error in the audio playlist. Fixed.
-Added the Display Mode switch support.

Checkerboard 1.6
-DisplayMode fix.
-Fixed the checkerboard loader for the Display Mode switch.

Xpl0rEr 1.7
-Fixed the useless permanent refresh of each track Volume Oscillo.
-Now you can quit Xpl0rEr with the "Esc" Key.
-DisplayMode fix.
-Version number fixed in debug mode.
-Fixed the bug that was adding a blank entry at the end of each xpl.
-Fixed the display bug in the Mod player if you load a playlist
shorter than the previous one.
-Release number and date fixeds.
-When deleting a file on one side, the other side was mistackenly
refreshed too. Fixed.
-The buffers of the listings were not properly cleared. fixed.
-Added the Display Mode switch support.

Xcli 1.7
-New Xbench cLi logo made by "sns".

Xsetup 4.0
-Audio playlist path bug fixed again .. and working this time.
-DisplayMode switch Fix.
-The Select a path to scan requester in the launcher tab was not using
the previously selected path saved in the launchers.prf. Fixed.
-The Select a playlist requester in the launcher tab was not using
the previously selected playlist saved in the launchers.prf. Fixed.
-Fixed the format of the playlist path in the prefs file.
-Selecting a playlist saved in the ram disk was going to guru. Fixed.
-Added the Display Mode switch support.

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