Metroid - Rogue Dawn - Unofficial NES prequel to the original Metroid game released!

Another great release today and this is for all you NES gamers across the globe, as Grimlock, Optomon, snarfblam and team have released ' Metroid : Rogue Dawn ' version 1.10; the unofficial prequel to the first Metroid game released way back in 1986. This rather eye opening prequel shows the events that unfolded before Samus's famous Zero Mission on planet Zebes, it puts you in control of Dawn Aran on a mission to retrieve a newly discovered biological specimen in the possession of a Federation research crew orbiting planet SR388.

A much bigger explanation of the game story is available on the main RomHacking website, but let me tell you if you are a Metroid fan you owe it to yourself to play this game. It's a large game featuring lots of new levels, new level designs and graphical effects that aim to impress. In fact according to the team behind the game, a lot of effort has been put into Metroid - Rogue Dawn, with over 2,833 files created just for the level design alone! So if you have an evening to spare and can find the original NES Metroid Rom then you've got no excuse not to play this great Metroid fan game.

A patching program such as beat or Floating IPS will be needed to add the hack/patch to the main Metroid (USA).nes - NOINTRO, which isn't available here.

Links : 1) Source 2 Discussion

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