Briley Witch - Sarah Jane Avory's C64 RPG is looking rather impressive

During these last few months we've been keeping a keen eye on a new game that is in development for the C64 called ' Briley Witch ' which has been retweeted on many occasions by different people that looks like a highly impressive C64 RPG by Sarah Jane Avory; the writer of The Briley Witch Chronicles and Stone Of Argentos trilogy. Well as of this week, the developer has just uploaded the latest video, which shows us a short glimpse of the work in progress combat

Of all the games that are in development for the C64, Briley Witch stands out from a mile away. Not only is the game looking very good with a style to that of a Japanese RPG, but it will feature a cool story, quests, villagers, turn based combat, music, cutscenes, a mixable potion AND even your own pet cat... "Meeoow"

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