The Commodore Story - New trailer released!

Back in April last year, Wavem studios successfully ended their kickstarter campaign to fund "The Commodore Story", smashing their target of £17,500 by nearly triple. An ambitious project to chart the rise and fall of Commodore in book, documentary film and chiptune CD form, looks to be a worthy addition to tell the story of Commodore. Thankfully while we wait we've already had a promised video diary of clips of interviews that will go into the final film. Now with a final edit that has taken place with preview screenings, we welcome the official trailer that has been released in preparation of the final release. And it's a cracker...

You can watch the video diaries here:
Video Diary #1
Video Diary #2

If you didn't back the kickstarter, you can still pre-order the book, film and CD and other pledge rewards from the kickstarter page:
Commodore Story Kickstarter


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