ZXombies Dead Flesh - A BIG ZX Spectrum review with lots of tasty brains!

Mmmm...dead flesh - my favourite
There's only one thing better than a zombie - an zxombie! Are they different to your old generic zombie? Yes, these ones can only be found on a ZX Spectrum so by default it must mean they're better. All too often, poor zombies get a bad reputation - all they want is to eat your brains. Give them a break! Of course, if you don't want to give them a break and would prefer to shoot them with a machine gun until they are dead (again), how about you give ZXombies a play?

Time for Diet Generic Coke break!
You are Major Derring, the lone survivor of his squadron, who has just awaken to the sounds of groaning and shuffling of the undead. How did he get here? He can't remember. All he knows is that he must get out of here. Pushing away body parts and rubble to get himself back to his feet, he hears cries of help in the distance. Being the old hero he is, he knows he must help those around him and not just save himself and get out there ASAP (a bit like this reviewer would do) so on his feet he gets and sees to find and rescue the survivors of the zombie invasion! Tina Turner may have sang 'We don't need another hero' but sorry Tina, you're wrong this time - this is exactly what we need and Major Derring is the man for the job. I'm hoping he's simply the best...

Hey you! Literally, get out of the road!
So, what do we have here? The ZXombies layout is a little like Firelord to pay it a compliment, colourful solid surroundings and a swift moving protagonist make for a very fluid and bright game to play. As you move from screen to screen, you will find zombies slowly rising from the ground (scary) and then proceed to follow you, albeit slowly (well, they are zombies), and seek to drain your energy when they come into contact with you. 

You do of course have a gun handy and quick fire of the trigger will see them sinking back whence they came, never to be seen again. I do like the way they sink back into the ground when this happens. Also scattered around the place, you'll find ammo, medi kits and oil drums which when you hit it with a bullet or two, causes a lovely blocky explosion which, if timed correctly, can take out multiple zombies with one hit. Though you do also have to be careful not to take yourself out too. And the survivors.

...and no doubt 12 survivors to get killed. I can do this!
Survivors! Oh yeah, I forgot about those! You'll find around the neighbourhood clutches of survivors who are crying to be helped by Mr Derring. Press and hold the action button and your chosen survivor will follow around as you lead them to safety; well, at least try if my experience is anything to go by! The survivors you find here have unfortunately the mental capacity as you find in most games that have survivors, meaning that they will just follow you regardless no matter how dangerous a path you take them on, they follow willy-nilly. 'So you want me to walk into that pit of five zombies? Yeah! No problem!' so prepare yourself for having to do the thinking for at least two people at once. You can see this as an inconvenience or you can see it as a way of enhancing your people skills. Go for the latter and you'll have more fun.

                      Nice big barrier between me and some brain-eating zombies. Think I'll stay here for a bit.

ZXombie is a lot fun. Killing zombies is a blast - literally in some cases, and with the added responsibility of protecting people's lives, make an all-round satisfying game. Neat, sharp sprites and the inclusion of a lovely explosion animation will have you clamouring for more - just like a zombie who needs his brain fix.

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