Road Avenger - LaserDisc Racer gets a special Amiga release by ReImagine Games!

It's wet outside and it doesn't look as if the sun will come out any time soon, so if like me you're stuck in doors, how about playing the latest Amiga release from our good friends ReImagine Games 'Road Avenger'. Now if you've followed our news you would've read that LaserDisc support was added to the Amiga emulator WinUAE some time ago, as generally LaserDisc games were played via an Arcade cabinet using Amiga 500 hardware, along with a genlock and a laserdisc player. So it stands to reason why many of these games are now appearing on the Amiga such as the more recent Time Gal.

Unlike Time Gal however 'Road Avenger' was a game that stuck in the minds of many as it wasn't just a Laserdisc game but it also appeared as a common title found with the Sega MegaCD. Plus it was a better game for its time being that most kids preferred cars and less so of Anime girls. Thankfully with it appearing on the Amiga all of us will be able to enjoy it, because as the website write up says "you can engage in a relentless, vengeful car chase against RRR thugs, in order to wipe them off the highway and take your sweet revenge for the murder of your beloved wife!"


* All nine levels ported from the LaserDisc classic.
* Enhanced version of the FMV engine used to power ReImagine's port of "TimeGal".
* Six difficulty settings.
* Start from any level, or choose to watch all scenes.
* Options for 1 Button Joysticks, 2 Button Pads as well as CD32 Controllers.
* Half an hour of anime footage.
* The iconic Sega CD opening song by JWALK, as well as the arcade original.
* Stunning HAM graphics on all versions, including for OCS.
* Enhanced graphics in the AGA edition.

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