ZX-Dev Conversions Finished! - The announcement has been made and the winner is....

It's a time to rejoice ZX Spectrum gamers as we've just been told that the latest ZX Spectrum competition called ZX-DEV conversions is now over and the results have been announced. This competition which had its first edition in 2015 with some pretty cool games such as Steel Balls, Rabbit in Nightmareland and even Fist-Ro Fighter has once again astounded our readers with games such as Mighty Final Fight, Ninja Gaiden, Gimmick!, Retroforce and many others... So who's the big winner? Read on to find out!

Well you've probably guessed it by now but it looks as if Mighty final Fight was the number 1 game entered in the competition with a huge amount of points which didn't distract us from the fact that Ninja Gaiden Shadow Warriors came second and Gimmick! Yumetaro came third. To be honest this was expected as Mighty Final Fight was a NES game way back in 1993, the cuter home console cousin of arcade beat ‘em up Final Fight with the combined talents of Alexander ‘Sanchez’ Udotov, graphics wiz Eugene ‘ER’ Rogulin and Oleg ‘n1k-o’ Nikitin on the AY chip, it had made a triumphant appearance on the 128k ZX Spectrum!

The complete listing :

1º Mighty Final Fight 10578
2º Ninja Gaiden Shadow Warriors 10243
3º Gimmick! Yumetaro Oddisey 9520
4º Retroforce 9362
5º Twinlight 9320
6º Parachute 9311
7º Baby Monkey Alba 9097
8º Bobby Carrot 9088
9º Gandalf 9003
10º ZXombies 8643
11º Saving Kong 8496
12º Wunderwaffe 8397
13º Roust 8303
14º Dr. Who 8029
15º Speccy Pong 7832
16º Extruder 7680
17º Left Behind The Martian 7435
18º Vindius 5925

Links : 1) Source 2) Mighty Final Fight

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