3D Monster Maze - 1981/2 Sinclair ZX81 game arrives on the ZX Spectrum in full colour

Glorious news this morning especially if you were a Sinclair ZX81 owner in the 1980's, as Malcolm Evans and an idea by J.K.Greye game of ' 3D Monster Maze ', has been released on the ZX Spectrum as a full colour port. This game which was released in 1982 by J. K. Greye Software puts you in control of a character in a first person viewpoint and must traverse a 3D maze to reach the exit while avoiding a hostile monster the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

3D Monster Maze did also appear on the ZX Spectrum in 2016 as a non colour port by Paul Farrow, however this version by Richard Dodds is a full colour remake for the ZX Spectrum 48k and features high resolution detail of the walls but the core gameplay remains intact. So yes what a nice remake indeed and it's hard to believe the original was rendered using low-resolution character blocks as one of the first 3D games giving you the feeling of horror!

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