Soulless 2 - Action adventure sequel in dev for the C64 with new cavern footage

We've certainly had our fair share of awesome C64 games this month what with the release of both Organism and Rocky Memphis - The Legend Of Atlantis; two incredible games released via Psytronik Software. But as is the case with the team behind those games such as Trevor Storey, Achim Volkers and Saul Cross, the workload just never ends, as today they have shown off the very latest in game footage of their upcoming action adventure game ' Soulless 2 '.

Soulless 2 is the sequel to Soulless and unlike the first game this one is more Antiriad and less Draconus and Impossible Mission that was seen in the first game. It features multiple areas including forests and temples, different deadly enemy types and plenty of blasting action to be had!

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