The Walking Death - Multiplayer blasting party release for the C64

It's time to get some friends together for a bit of C64 blasting multiplayer fun as Unreal has released their up to 8 player shoot em up ' The Walking Death ', which was shown at the Schlimeisch 2018 event. This game developed by a cool team of people such as Ray, Akio, PCH and Sillicon pits you against other players as you have to shoot at them to gain an ever increasing point lead.

Developed as a small shoot em up party game done between drinking and eating over the last 3 parties, The Walking Death may have a few bugs with future plans for gaming options, but it's still a lot of fun to play blasting your friends across a rather nice top down artistic themed level such as the one above with the train line and parked cars. But what really stood out for me atleast was not only the soundtrack in the main menu screen but also when it plays during the game it self. It is the sort of SID music that could be blasted out with any retro speaker system added with a nice sub!

Links :1) Source & Sid Tunes 2) Download

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