ALL HALLOWS - Rise of the Pumpkin - ‎John Blythe‎'s WIP ZX Spectrum game with new footage

John Blythe‎; the creator of such great ZX Spectrum games as Foggy's Quest and even The Incredible Shrinking Professor, has recently posted a video update regarding his work in progress ZX Spectrum game called ' ALL HALLOWS - Rise of the Pumpkin '. Due to be released later this year ALL HALLOWS puts you in control of a bouncing Pumpkin on a quest to stop The Dark Forest Lord.

Having the eye candy of an updated Cauldron, this new game by John Blythe‎ looks every bit as good as his previous games, as not only will it feature top quality gameplay of which we have come to expect from John Blythe, but it will have great speccy graphics and will make you feel like it's Halloween.

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