Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017 Winners Announced!

Ladies and Gentlemen, developers and retro game players, it's time for possibly the best C64 competition news of 2018 so far, as we've been informed by Retro Video Gamer that the Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017 is complete and the winning entries have been announced! Yes indeed the competition of a sports theme is over, and we are here to give a hearty shout out to the top games that earned their place in the competition and gained a rather decent cash prize.

The first game and the top winner of the competition is a fabulous table sports game called 
SAFTS - Spin All Four Table Soccer, which was released by PriorART, the same people behind the excellent Caren and the Tangled Tentacles. If you love football/soccer games and want to play one of the best released for the C64 by far with a stunning theme tune, then this game is at the head of the match!

The second place winner in the comp and one my grandad would probably drool all over, is Matthew Clarke's Golf game 'Beeching Golf & Country Club', which as you guessed puts you in control of a golfer aiming for that hole in one. The graphics are lush with green landscapes, and high growing tree's, but for me, I was never into golfing!

Third place goes over to Georg Rottensteiner and Smila's 'Downhill Challenge'; a down hill skiing game in which you need to reach the bottom and try not to crash into the tree's and the flags themselves! It's a fun game and takes me back to Horace goes Skiing, it's just a shame I spent so much time spinning around after a mighty crash I never reached the bottom :D

Fourth game in the winners listing and my personal favourite just for that picture alone, goes to Zaadii-Games 'DSDS - Dangerous Sports Deadly Sports'. A game that puts you in the role of a athlete attending the most dangerous (and deadly) sports competition, earth has ever seen. The objective of the game according to the creators is to win more medals than all other opponents or to score as high as possible in one player mode!

The fifth game Kung Fu Pixel by Coders Without Borders is a rather unusual game pitting two players against each other in pixelated hand to hand combat. The overall game idea is pretty cool, the music track is very decent but playing the game can feel a little odd trying to make a move to hit for a higher score.

6th place winner in the competition and one I've been wanting to play for some time now, is a very cool looking new Lotus style racer called 'El Loco Challenge' developed by JammerC64. This game sports one to two player split screen racing, a thumping soundtrack which can be turned off for more ambience, multiple gear changes and the feeling of speed against other cars on the same track. Surprised this one didn't come near 1st place myself, it's that fun!

Finally the 7th place in the competition presented by Hokuto Force and written entirely in V2 Basic, is the basketball sports game ' Basic Ball '. This game with its chippy soundtrack, is basically your angle and power game as using both of these methods will hopefully give you that winning basket shot! A fairly enjoyable game but it does take a little while to load.

And that's all the games listed in the competition winning entry list, so head on over to the website now and check them out, you'll be kept busy for hours! - LINK HERE ( Discussion )

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