The Last Strike - An Atari Jaguar shoot em up homebrew is coming soon!

Not to be left out but the Atari Jaguar is also getting a new homebrew soon, as we've learnt that Reboot with the help of AtariAge is bringing a new shoot em up called ' The Last Strike ' to the Atari Jaguar as a commercial game that will be available on the AtariAge store. For those of you who like a bit of R-Type but mixed with a touch of Defender, should really check out the latest trailer which is available to watch below.

The Last Strike is being developed by the same team who brought you Rebooteroids and will be a six meg cartridge game containing a storyline and cutscenes, five unique enemy bosses, over 30mins of wicked music( Jukebox ), a classic mode, vertical and horizontal parallax scrolling action, five action packed themed levels, multiple weapon power ups and much much more!

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