Picoh Mummy! - A Pico-8 Demake of classic CPC Oh Mummy!

One of the fondest remembered games to anyone rocking a CPC464 back in the day was Oh Mummy! A game that was bundled for many of the computers sold (in the UK at least) and left impressions on many original owners through to this day. One such person was one of Road software, and together they have created a De-Make of the original onto the Pico-8 virtual console.

Though De-Make is a pretty strong word in this case, as it bears a lot of resemblance to the original
and has a proper old school retro feel to it. And of course it's the best kind of game... quick to pick up and play, simple enough that you don't have to read the loooooooooooooong instructions but complicated enough to keep you coming back to try and master the 5 pyraminds.

Go find the game on itch.io or on the Pico-8 BBS

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