R0x Zero - A gorgeous Atari ST/STE playable demoscene shmup

It's easy to forget that the Atari ST has a demoscene since it's usually the Amiga that get all the demo attention. but take a look at R0x Zero. A brilliant playable SHMUP built into the usual demo fare of scrolling text and bouncing blitter objects. It's a thing of beauty!

We get a lot of Shoot em ups mentioned on Indie Retro News all aiming for that golden trophy of excellence on systems such as the C64 or even the ZX Spectrum. But R0x Zero on the Atari STE is just mind blowingly incredible. It's the sort of high quality shoot em up you'd see as a Steam release, but loading up the game or watching the video you'd be shocked to see that it's actually running on Atari, sporting gorgeous graphics, smooth animation and a wicked soundtrack! So how do you go about playing this demoscene release? Well there's two ways, a real Atari STE with 1MB ram and a Jagpad or with an emulator! So give it a go today, you'll be glad you did :)

Resolutions - ST Low
Enhanced - STe (system)


Links :1) Source & Credits 2) Download

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