A1200.Net announces Amiga Keycap packing update

Indie Retro News is as busy as ever and now we are pleased to tell you as thanks to a heads up via A1200.net, that the Amiga 1200 keycap campaign is now at such a point, production of Batch#1 is now done and keycaps panels are currently being packed individually ready for freight delivery. Yes indeed after all this time many Amiga owner across the globe who's supported the campaign will finally be able to complete their new case kit with a full set of Amiga compatible keycaps.

As noted by the announcement on the Kickstarter page, batch 1 is all but done and all the panels seen on the photos on their page is being individually packed in a custom cardboard box. Each custom cardboard box will contain a full set of Amiga compatible keycaps, 2 space bars 1 for A600, 1 for A500/1200, a large set of 100 springs and finally a set of stabilizers in a box marked with a coded label such as BLACK/BLACK/UK or BLACK/WHITE/FR.

Keycaps remover tool aren't added within the panel box. Since each backer only gets 1x remover, it is added to the shipping parcel.

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