Chiperia #9 & X - Double Chiperia Project Amiga album whammy!

Amiga owners across the globe, it's that time again when we look towards The Chiperia Project for even more brilliant tunes. And sure enough here we are with the Chiperia Issue #9 and Chiperia X, two fabulous albums that came 2nd and 3rd at compusphere 2018. Now unlike Chiperia's previous offerings of just one album, they've gone and released two with over 20 incredible tracks that can be listened to with real Amiga hardware (Amiga OCS/ECS) or via the RetroDemoScene videos below.

[0:00] Alpa
[2:19] Curt Cool
[4:22] Goto 80
[6:44] Asherah
[9:21] Slash
[10:13] Juice
[14:05] Trace
[17:19] Notorious
[19:58] Punnik
[22:15] Tecon
[24:57] Dytron
[26:59] Virgill
[28:46] Robyn
[31:10] Dascon
[33:09] Triace & Vedder
[35:50] Ddt

[0:00] Curt Cool - Stereotyper
[2:21] Mygg - Chiperia Reggae
[3:33] Slash - Looper
[4:51] Trace - Chipchop
[7:46] Vim - Hype'd
[9:34] Notorious - Ever and Ever
[11:42] Wiklund - Costa Del Sol
[14:01] Tecon - Psykosebamse
[14:47] Robyn - Simplemind
[18:30] Hello World - Yellow Leaves
[20:56] Cytron - Manapa
[23:15] Ctrix - Tvibe
[26:14] Punnik - Let's Go
[29:06] Drakon - Back2track
[31:15] Vedder - In Between Days
[33:30] Tempest - Einin Daisarit
[36:27] Triace - All My Fault
[38:59] Alpa - Slip The Jab

It isn't that often we get full music disks for the Amiga, mainly heading towards Amiga games or scene demos, so when Chiperia do release an album it sets the Amiga scene alight! Not only do they contain lots of music from different artists, but many of the tracks sound incredible especially with a good set of speakers. So check out the two source links below and download them, you'll be glad you did!

Links :1) Source 2) Chiperia #9 3) Chiperia X

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