AQUABYSS - New Amiga game announced with a teaser

Not long since we announced that The Shadows of Sergoth was coming to the Commodore Amiga next year, but yesterday we were told by the developers AgedCode that they too were working on an Amiga game called ' AQUABYSS '. Now unlike the previous game mentioned on our website, this game doesn't as of yet show any gameplay screenshots or footage, but does show a rather nice story trailer set in June 1821, in which you travel from Paris to the French coast and visit the very depths of the ocean to discover what lies underneath the surface.

The developers AgedCode are keeping many things a secret at the moment with very little mentioned about the game itself, but what they have told us is this is an AMIGA 68k game and will not be developed using Backbone or any other known game editor.

Links :1) Discussion 2) Website

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