PRECINCT 20 Dead Strange - A beautifully crafted new release for the C64!

In 2017 we announced a new project was in development by Alf Yngve and Richard Bayliss, which looked to be a mash of Death Wish with a dab of horror thrown in for good measure. That game which was just a secret C64 project at first, has now been released as 'PRECINCT 20: Dead Strange' ; a glorious C64 game based on a series of short stories under the same title, with you in control of a police detective hunting for clues in a series of murders with possibly supernatural causes.

PRECINCT 20 Dead Strange is a beautifully crafted new release for the Commodore 64 from accomplished game designer Alf Yngve and talented musical artist Richard Bayliss. As the website says, this game features moody noir-esque graphics, genuinely unsettling gameplay (you never know what is going to jump out of the shadows at you!) superb music by Richard Bayliss that really sets the scene - complete with screams and eerie heartbeats and possibly Alf's finest release to date!

** CREDITS ** 

Story by Alf Yngve
Graphics & Design by Alf Yngve
Music & Enhancements by Richard Bayliss
Tape Mastering by Richard Bayliss
Tape Loader Source by Martin Piper
Artwork by Alf Yngve
Additional Packaging Design by Kenz


• Huge 2 Part Scrolling Horror Action Adventure
• Atmospheric Soundtracks
• Gritty visuals
• Edge-of-your-seat gameplay
• Weapon Power-Ups to collect along the way
• Find the clues, solve the mystery!
• Different unlockable ending
• THE C64 Mini compatible
• SD2IEC compatible

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