LOS AMORES DE BRUNILDA - One of the most acclaimed 8bit freeware games now released for MSX2

Great news if you have an MSX2, as thanks to a heads up from a member in the MSX group, we've been told LOS AMORES DE BRUNILDA has been released on the MSX2 for free with a commercial cartridge version due soon! Yes indeed this highly acclaimed game released previously on the ZX Spectrum developed by Bitvision Software, has been published by RetroWorks for the MSX2 with amazing graphical detail and sound with multi-language available developed by a Spanish team.

As noted by the Facebook post " LOS AMORES DE BRUNILDA (Brunilda's Loves), one of the most acclaimed freeware games developed for 8-bit computers in the last years, has been just released also for the MSX2. This multi-language game, developed by the spanish team BitVision and published by Retroworks, features awesome graphics and sound in this port for the second generation of the japanese computer, improving the already superb Spectrum version. For more information about this historical release, feel free to visit its official site, where the game can be downloaded "

Links :1) Source  + ZX Spectrum version

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