Jet Set Willy 2019 - A new definitive conversion for the Atari XL/XE

Now here's a game I think most of our readers would have played or heard of throughout the years, is Jet Set Willy. A highly enjoyable yet difficult platform game originally written by Matthew Smith and published by Software Projects for many home computers such as the ZX Spectrum in 1984. If you remember the game and have an Atari XL/XE, you'll be overjoyed to learn that TEZZ has released a new definitive conversion from scratch, which features not just hi-res colour, 50/60Hz and sprite/screen update,s but bug fixes, the Rob Hubbard music and an accurate conversion of the sound effects!

Playing as Jet Set Willy in a flip-screen platform game you need to move from room to room in a huge mansion collecting objects from a previous party, otherwise Maria the house keeper wont let you back in to your bedroom. Beware the game might be one of the most enjoyable classics, but it's very challenging and might cause untold frustration on your Atari XL/XE!

Links :1) Details  2) Download

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