Rodney vs Kfc - RUFF N TUMBLE inspired work in progress on the Atari ST

Another early heads up and no not Doom related, as thanks to petsasjim1who was kind enough to reply in one of our articles, he has told us Padman and team have released an early work in progress game of ' Rodney vs Kfc ' for the Atari ST(e). What makes this game stand out over other Atari ST platformers mentioned recently, is the fact that rodney vs kfc uses elements of the all time classic game Ruff N Tumble, which includes the main character sprite seen in the video below.

Story : Rodney, step-triplet of Ruff and Rad Rogers just had his compact disk collection nicked by the damn Klepto Foreign Chickens (KFC) gang while on his way to the Dullsville copy party. As the KFC have been terrorizing town for way too long now Rodney decides to put an end to it. So he heads back to his home, grabs his anti-chicken gun and runs to the KFC hideout. Once arrived at the location he notices that he only got 5 minutes and 30 seconds left until the bus is departing for Dullsville. F**k! He needs to find and fry all gang chickens fast and also needs to get all his disks back in time. Are you brave enough to help Rodney?

System requirements :  Atari ST(E) with 1 MB of Ram, Color monitor, TOS 1.00 to 2.06, Works from hard disk or floppy: STE version recommended, as it features ingame music + sound effects. ST version only has ingame sound effects.

Additional credits :
Sprite Works basic extension kit by T.A. King
SNDH replay routine by GWEM (original by SWE)
Doc Viewer by the Alien of Pompey Pirates

Graphics & Sound :
Some of the graphics were converted from Wunderkind / Renegade 1994 game Ruff 'n' Tumble and an unreleased Kaiko game Miss Honeybee and the Shock of Magic for the Commodore Amiga.

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